Saturday, June 12, 2010

The World Cup Part 1

Hello Family and Friends,

Today had been such an anticipated one.  I was so excited for the game between England and the USA in the World Cup.  Lance was working and I had planned my whole day around the game.  One thing to know about me.  I LOVE as it is known to my American friends.  I am a big fan of Manchester United and bought the particular package with Dish Network so I could watch my beloved game.  Lance has no interest in the game, nor do my girls, so I watch almost every game, ok every game by myself.  They often come into the Family Room to check on me when I jump around screaming and shouting.  I miss the days when my brother Jared and I used to watch football together, along with our friend, Rich. 

I put the flag outside, I put on my England Football Shirt and had lots of yummy treats ready.
The game started out really well.  Just 4 minutes in and Gerrard scored.  I have never cheered Gerrard in my life as I am NOT a fan of Liverpool but you bet I was cheering him now.  I was so confident England would win. 

Then in the 40th minute, so close to half time, despair and gloom hit.  One of the USA players kicked the ball (I don't even remember his name)....he kicked it right at England's Goal Keeper. 
I will now control my words about the lovely Mr Green.......the ball went right passed him after he had stopped it going right in and it just simply rolled right over the goal line.  Shock, horror, panic, disbelief.  I could barely believe my eyes.  I honestly could not believe what I was seeing, what I saw.  England 1 - USA 1  and that is how the game ended. 

I still cannot believe the outcome of this game.  I love living in the States.  Heck my husband and all my kids are American, but I root for England through and through.  I am not a US Citizen, nor a dual citizen.  I am a British Citizen and that is how it will stay.

After the game, our good friend Brock Stuart came over to visit.  He brought his Fiancee with him and I let 'Lexi' know, she sure picked a special guy to marry.   I told Brock that the next time England or the USA play a game, I would need to invite Todd Saxey over or I would need to go to Todd's own words - "A CHEEKY Todd`s World Cup Party."

If England are to get anywhere in this World Cup - they are going to HAVE to do something.  They could be facing Germany or Brazil very soon !!!

A picture from home - Thanks Helen for sending this to me.  It made me smile - as did the BLUE BLUE sky!

Have a wonderful day!

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